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I hope that our journey into this turns out to be as wonderful as yours has I've been back and forth on whether or not to take on a girlfriend of my own, while my boyfriend is seeing this new woman (first meeting tomorrow, which I think will go well for them and they will move forward).

As of today, I was thinking I wasn't too sure that I wanted to take on a gf so soon until I sorted through my initial and huge jealousy feelings, but I got a message from a girl locally, who seems to have quite a few things in common with me and she is cute, so I'm going to entertain the idea of coffee with her. I'm nervous about it, lol, but he tells me I should do it and at least see what it is like.

Change has always been a struggle for me in life when I'm comfortable, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this makes me strong and makes us stronger. Your post was very inspirational for me
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