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Reading this is killing me. By the end of page two, I had to call Anne and tell her how much she means to me and to us, and come up with all kinds of unecessaary assurances that we want her with us forever and we don't want her to feel "third" and so on...

And then I get off the phone and get to page 3 and the outcome that I'd not read yet.

And I am so angry for you Ceoli, so hurt on your behalf. One of my biggest ssues in life has been the feelilng of acute pain that I carry with me for the women who've been hurt in my past relationhips long after they themselves have moved on. I look back and they're like these beautiful intricate glass sculptures that I mishandle and broke - and I feel that way even when the brekups were not my fault, because I inherently take responsibility anyway (working on that). In that vein this thread just breaks my heart and I've never even met you. I also feel for the couple - they've got some VERY ough times ahead as a result of this - but the injustice of it just seems sowrong for you. I never want Anne to know a hint of that feeling, and I sincerely wish there was a way I could take it away from you.
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