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Awww We've been wondering the same thing. Hubby and I are now co-habitating with my bf and thing actually are working our really well but as far as anyone else knows he's just our roommate.

However, I think my parents are suspicious. They haven't said anything and they have been introduced to my bf. (as a friend and roommate) But I think their suspicion lies in the fact that bf is single and significantly older than me. (he's 52 and I'm 30. hubby is 30.)

Last weekend I went to my parent's house for a BBQ. Hubby had to work so he didn't go. I wanted to bring my bf but because of the nature of things I didn't want to raise any suspicions with my family by showing up with another man and the kids to a family function, so bf stayed home. However, when my dad asked my where hubby was I told him he had to work and couldn't come. Then he asks me where my second husband was. It about FLOORED me!!! LOL I just laughed it off but it made me wonder if he knows and just doesn't want to say anything in case he was wrong. (like asking a fat woman if they're pregnant.) My dad likes to joke around and I'm sure he meant that question as a joke but sometimes when things are said in jest they are meant as truth.

So anyways, I would LOVE to scream to the world about our situation and how happy we are but honestly I don't want to cause any more drama than necessary. Especially since bf is my former boss and even though we were always professional at work rumors still surfaced and it caused a lot of drama for him. I also know that my family and especially my husband's family wouldn't understand. So for now we are keeping things hush hush. I know eventually things will come out but I think we are preferring to let that happen naturally in due time.
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