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I have been thinking a lot about how open I want to be about my relationship. I have a husband and just recently started a relationship with my girlfriend. Me and my girlfrien have told most of our closest friends, but with the family we are waiting for a while. We have been discussing about the right time and agreed that it will be the end of the summer (at the latest) since we will be able to spend more time together during the summer (we are in a LDR) and will see where things are going.

I have no people I would be scared of telling, since I am quite distant with my family anyways (they will not approve, that's for sure) and all my friends are very accepting. Right now I am not hanging out with people at the University because we have exams coming up, so I'll have more of a social life with them again next fall.

I'm a very open person and could never consider hiding my relationship from my friends of family. I obviously understand if other people don't feel the need to or cannot be as open about it.

However, I am thinking a lot about next fall and my life at the uni (here in the UK) and whether I want to let people know or not, and in what kind of situations. I have no very close friends here yet so it's not something that would naturally come up. If it does, I will talk about it if I feel comfortable to, and I definitely will not hide it. But since it propably doesn't I'm wondering how "public" I want to be. As in, will I say things like "My girlfriend is coming to visit me this weekend." to a person who already knows I'm married. I do think that I want to talk about my life with people on the same level that they talk to me about theirs (which does involve for me both my partners), and I propably will. I just realise that it will be a 'big thing' which will turn the conversation to polyamory and my inner thoughts and feelings about it. And also that I may become known as "the girl who is in a polyamorous relationship" at the uni. If that happens it might be exhausting, on one hand, but it might as well be interesting if similarly minded people would feel comfortable approaching me about the subject.

I just feel it would be good to have a realistic picture of what I might expect if/when I choose to be completely open. That's why this thread has been good reading for me.
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