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Poly Coming Out Day?!?!

well, it sounds wonderful, would be great to let all those others out there whom still don't know how they feel is okay and what they want is okay, know that more of us are out here and encourage them.

but I can easily see where no one really wants to be made a spectacle of, nor would it feel good to be ht eonly ones standing up in a room full of thousands of people whom are all sitting down.

still, there must be a way to let others know its okay to love differently, theres nothing wring with that and their not deviants for feeling that way, and they are not the only ones who feel that way. its so confusing and lonely when you think its just you and no one feels the same or would understand what you want.

I hear how things could go badly and I don't particularly relish being in the spotlight, but if it helps others know they are not alone and they are not "wrong" or "bad" because they simply do love more then one or want to, then I'll be uncomfortable for a small amount of time, because I was once that sad, scared, lonely soul who was afraid to even admit to myself let alone others what I wanted, and I don't want others to be stuck in that lost and scared place.

Maybe a compromise? something smallish to basically say, "yes, we're here, we love more then one and your judgements won't change that" without putting all the spotlights on it?!

if we could all just love openly, not full on making out in public but you know i want to be out where ever and feel free to kiss my husband, my gf or my bf or one right after the other and not feel like a spectacle. i want the little ones im helping to raise to know when they are all grown then gave love whomever and however many they want as long as all involved are consenting and not feel weird or bad or wrong for loving that way. why can't it just be that easy?!?!
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