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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
While the pics are more sexualized then the poly machine likes to be represented by...

I will say this. Nice to see a poly site designed by someone from this century. Kudos, its clean, legible and usable. Colouring is good. Havent had a chance to sign up but that's a big selling point for me. Not sure how membership worksn, but unfortunately that's a negative for me. Not a fan of becoming a member of a site just cause. Its gotta be sold to me first

I would rather a nice ass over some of ugly ole sights poly groups are using (seriosuly, yahoo groups is still an option in some peoples eyes *shudders*)

(Excuse any spelling errors, lil screen on my bb while travelling on a train)

Well I would like to thank every one for there input! This site was put together by myself and some friends to support the Poly life. As with everything people have there own ideas including what represents us. Your input is very valuable! and you have made an impact to the site, Thank you! To answer your questions on membership.

Membership is free, this is a poly support site not a corp money maker and is funded by the creators and donations. It was solely created to support polyamory. The site is set up much like facebook, you can have your own picture gallery's, Blogs, Create your own Pages, Add Music, Friend IM, Chat room, Create Polls, Groups, Events and more! We hope you will take another look!
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