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All I can say is WOW!!!!

I have a shit load of responses but to be honest... I just dont have the energy to write it all out. I read through all the newest posts lastnight, LR asked me to add my two cents, but to tell you the truth I was exhausted after reading all of it.

I know that most people mean well and are only trying to be helpful. I appreciate that and I wanted to say thank you. So, Thank you.

ILove2men- Ill FB you a more detailed message but, Your a sweet girl and Im very glad that you reached out and extended your friendship. Ill consider your words of advice with all the respect that you deserve. Thank you.

MrFFR- Apology accepted. It is very obvious that it was heart felt and real. I appreciate your words. I will come back and address some for your more pointed questions and comments.

I have several points to make and I will get around to making them. Right now Im in the process of repacking my stuff and moving to another place. One that is closer to the kids and better suited for having all 3 kids over for longer stays. It will put me closer to LR as well, which is somthing that I want and fear all at the same time.

There are MANY things that LR posted, that I either disagree with or that she misunderstands, about me or our relationship... Im not going to get into all that though. Im not going to start up the " But she did this or that" B.S. again ( thanks Ilove2men ) But I will say that she is right about the fact that we cant "not" see eachother. We have to much we are still responsible for, to eachother, to our kids, to our family,to our selves.

I dont know how to make it make sense.... But we are drawn together by something stronger than desire. I could stop the physical connections , I would be unhappy and LR would go insane,but we would still be drawn to eachother and we would still have to talk and get along and see eachother.

Ill try to get back on and post more after the weekend ( once Im all moved in). Good luck to everyone.

" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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