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I am a straight female but I would MUCH rather check out women all day long than men. I love looking at women, and I love all kinds! I point beautiful women out to everyone, everywhere I go, it's crazy. One of my favorite things to do is get a chance to tell a woman how gorgeous she is, either a general statement, or particular features, her beautiful hair, her smile, her outfit or her choice in shoes. (Women's rest rooms are the greatest for this )

Sadly, there are some women who are extremely uncomfortable with a compliment. I don't know if they think I am a lesbian trying to hit on them, or what. I am not butch-looking at all, I mean, I am a girly-girl through and through, but I guess they still fear I am being sexual, or something - ?

Then again, there are many who get a compliment, and their whole face lights up -- which totally makes my day and makes me feel happy all over that I took the chance and spoke up about their beauty.

The best girls to compliment, I've found, are the ones who are a little overweight. I guess perhaps they spend so much time worrying about those few pounds, they have forgotten how much beauty they have in every other way. (I think curvy women are the prettiest. I myself am a skinny bitch, but it's genetic; besides -- skinny isn't everything!)

The worst girls to compliment are the traditionally beautiful, all-around girls. They can be bitchy, even. Then suddenly I see -- ah, not so beautiful, after all....

I'm a total sucker for wild curly hair, too! Oh -- and brown skin. Or red heads... Wow - I just think there are so many gorgeous women out there in the world! But -- attracted "to" them? Well, that's not what's going on, with me.

As far as attraction, it's to men, and usually it's what I see in the eyes and the smile -- what strikes me over all is their sincerity.

Then again, there are those flirty types, who make me totally swoon and I have to ground myself, haha! (Dangerous to drink alcohol around these types...) Just because I'm attracted to someone, doesn't mean I want to follow through and jump into bed with them. Some guys automatically get that impression. Too bad -- flirting is fun enough, for me! (Also why my gay guy friends are The Best -- we flirt shamelessly) (plus they all have the major hots for my husband!)
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