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Originally Posted by Oaks View Post
What are some of the right reasons for meeting your love's other partners? When is the right time for such meetings?
Number one reason for me is to make sure my newly-acquired metamour knows that I exist. At the same time, I wish to discuss boundaries, assess comfort levels and learn something new about my partner by seeing with who else they have chosen to share their lives with. Of course, if the starts are aligned just so, I don't mind to gauge possible new dating opportunities, either .

The right time is whenever the established partner feels they are ready. Were I the more established partner, I would love to be included in some way already in the dating process. If the person I am seeing is active in the poly community, I tend to assume their established partners already know and will contact me when they feel like it, if ever. If I am dating someone who is new to the lifestyle, I wan to to meet their established partner before taking things to a physical level.
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