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Default Uh-oh

Still hanging in there...some changes again.

We are all not happy unless everyone is together. So, we're all back in it. I feel like a moron sometimes- with all this going back and forth. Isn't the definition of Insanity - repeating the same actions while expecting different results???

New issue today. yay! NOT

I have a 16-year old son. He has overheard hubby and gf gettin' it on. SHIT!

I have spoken with him and told him there was nothing going on that I did not know about. he didn't need to be worried.

Seems like time for a talk, huh?

Anyone gone down this road???

I am not looking forward to this.
still trying to figure it all out...

Married Bi-female in a poly-fi triad with Girlfriend Pinky1223 and Hubby - Poppa

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