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Originally Posted by River View Post
This couple that you were involved with were about to lose your close companionship before very long, as I remember -- as you're preparing to move back to England. This may be unrelated to what transpired -- but I would remind you that if they were able to remain utterly loving and open with you up to that ending ..., well, that would make them pretty remarkable human specimens.
First, the fact that I was here temporarily was something that was known as we began the relationship and had nothing to do with what transpired. And I am not dehumanizing them in this situation either. They are absolutely wonderful people, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten involved with them in the first place. That doesn't change the fact that how they treated me as things were changing for them was not right.

And yes, I do appreciate that I'm not the only one in pain from the situation. However, I am the only one who ends up alone from the situation.
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