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Default Heyla :)

just introducing myself.

I'm from Michigan in the U.S., I'm Bi, I'm poly and out to everyone, have a core group of friends whom are either bi, poly or open minded and don't mind, thank goodness.

i'm felt polyminded all my life, but didnt know there was such a thing or that others felt the same way til about oh about 5 years ago.

been married for almost 13 years, currently have one secondary love and tho not actively seekign others, not adverse to accepting love should it come along.

my husband has only recently come out to being poly, about the past 3 years or so, hes a bit shy about it and says he hasnt met the right person to explore anything serious yet.

nice to have found another place to be myself and hear others share their experiences. heres hoping more polyfolk come out and we all find more places to be accepted.
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