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Well that is an awesome dream! Sounds like a science fiction short story. I love dreams that actually have a plot.

I don't allow anyone to treat to me to anything on a first date. It's a silly rule but I keep to it. If they want to go to a place I can't afford I say so and suggest something in my price range.

I also don't go on first dates where they agree to pick me up and drive me home. I also always make sure I have enough money for a taxi should it come to it.

Just basic safety stuff, but so far I haven't had negative experiences. Also having a time-line for a date might help, and keeping it public, like 'We are going to have a coffee in the middle of the day in a coffee house, and after two hours I will go meet another friend, and I let them know the date won't continue indefinitely'. So there is less 'What will happen later, do they expect things to get physical?' anxiety.
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