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Ah, this was a wonderful thread! This is exactly how my brain works in terms of who I am attracted to. I haven't been able to express it so well, and people tend to not believe it when I say what I think, which is so frustrating. People think that you are the biggest liar if you say that appearance has very little to do with who you find attractive.

Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Give me a traditionally HAWT man with a crummy personality, and I'll show you someone that I have no interest in. It does go to the point of affecting sexual desire. Perhaps this is why the vast majority of casual sex I've had has always been with friends? I find the act of trying to pick up at a bar unattractive, and so everyone in the bar just goes down a notch for me. (Even if I might have also been trying to pick up, not necessarily get laid.) Funny how the brain works!

Now women on the other hand ... I will immediately find a woman attractive! In terms of the strangers I check out, women make up 95%. Women tend to work backwards, if I find them immediately attractive. (If I don't find them immediately attractive, they follow the same path as a man.)
I definitely agree with your whole post, but this part about gender was especially interesting! Many women can be attractive to me on the basis of looks only, whereas men hardly ever. Of course, after talking to them the process is the same: if they have a great personality they become more attractive, if not I lose interest.

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Angelina Jolie, if we are talking stars, is the type of woman I like. Now I know 70% of the population can say that, but my reasoning has to do more with her, then her physical attributes. I started crushing on her in Hackers. It was the look in her eyes. You knew she was a kinky girl. That personality captured me. If I catch that glitter of sexual recognition from a woman than I can instantly become attracted.
I have LOVED Angelina since a little girl when I saw her in Girl, Interrupted. There are so many levels of hot in her, how she looks is definitely not the biggest thing for me. She usually plays really interesting characters and is a very talented actress and that's why I like her. Although, if I met her in person and she was horrible that would propably erase it all.

Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
The thing with me though is that I tend to like imperfections the most. Things that make the person unique. And often, these are considered flaws - a crooked tooth, a scar, things like that. I like them because they're part of that specific person, they make them unique. I wouldn't care for them at all if they weren't part of a person I like, but I love them the most on the people I love.
Definitely true for me too! Maybe this is also why I can't understand people who try to look "perfect" (as in the closest they can be to the ideal as defined by society). Because I love all of those unique things in the people I love (myself included), which are usually the ones they are trying to hide!
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