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I'm in a bit of a similar except I'm a single female in her early 20s with a few extra; 1) I'm new to poly, 2) I'm a Christian, 3) I live in Wales (and there are no meet-up groups anywhere near me - the closest is 4 1/2 hours out) and 4) I'm looking for 3 straight alpha males polyfidelitous relationship. I don't think it's going to be too hard to find the relationship type but considering the men I've met... I doubt my men are going to be in Britain. But then there's just another excuse to move to the States! =D

And as much as I'd love to meet my men today, I'm a firm believer that we'll meet when the time is right and we'll just go from there. =)

In the meantime though I'm going to be setting up a meet-up for poly folk about an hour from my home and study to become a kindergarten teacher & pastor and work my butt off with the Insanity workout! =D
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