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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
So far, so good. We've had a couple days of talking-no argument, no tension, no battle. Mostly-because we know that there is a time and place to address the issues we're struggling with-but this isn't it.
OMG! This has been such a help for us. There have been a few times I just threw up my hands and said "ENOUGH, we are going in circles, let's table it until we meet with the councelor". We were able to just table it, without all the constant negativity, because we both knew it wouldn't just be swept under the rug. It gave us hope that a resolution was forthcoming. In the meantime, we were able get back to day to day business and move on.

I do have to rembember write it down so I didn't forget about it once we get there days or weeks later.

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