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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
This weekend some guys from work and I are gearing up to go for a ride. One of my friends, who rides a an excellent BMW "touring bus" bike, will be taking RP along. This will be her first ride with us as well as the first time she will get to spend any time with my work friends. We're meeting out front of her house and then going from there. None of them know about the full scope of our relationship other than I rent the suite in her house...which they find strange LOL! I don't plan on coming out to them so it will be interesting to see the curious looks on thier faces. Hopefully Derby and her hubby will be joining us as I just sent him an invitation If only we could get PN on a bike...we could have a Tribal MC
Ooh! How exciting! Weather permitting, Mr. A is taking me for a ride on his Dad's bike this weekend.
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