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Originally Posted by rory View Post
^For me too. The same thing applies for friends as well, although there is of course usually less conflict between friends' than partners' needs.

For me, it means that I treat the people in my life with the same respect I expect for myself. I definitely would not accept my needs or feelings to be cast aside by my friend or partner just because they conflict with their "primary" partner's.
I think that is one of my primary issues with HAVING a "primary" relationship. (Yes, I do have one, but it's been a struggle).

I really don't think that being married, or a committed lover or whatever suddenly means that you are "more important" than anyone else in my life.. (same vice versa).

I think that most people do believe that though.....

I wonder if that's part of why I get so frustrated with relationships in general? I feel like people just want to be "#1" in my life while I don't have a "#1".....
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