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Good people do bad things. I hope you two can learn to forgive yourselves and each other.

You both strike me as good people. I really hope you both get to a point where you can choose to be happy instead of being right.

I agree with NYCindie, and Ilove2men,.... read her statement over and over until it truly sinks in. How will you know ? You might actually feel defeated for a bit. That would be a good sign,...surrender yourself to a different way of being, and thinking.

Maybe its the word 'contract'. It sounds so negative in trust. Like the beginning to the end, rather then the hope for a new beginning.

Might want to call it a 'agreement', to make sure in all the hussle and talk, that it is written out, so nobody forgets. (innocently, and while under stress) what they agreed to.

Less legal, more love.

Best wishes.
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