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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post

A couple of potential points here. One you can live without her and two being empty can be expected. These are human results. Allows your self to love but not be dependent. Imagine the pressure you are putting on the person you love.
I know I can live with her. I just feel I canīt. Itīs spo stupid, since I have been living without her for 30 years.
I have thought about the pressure I might be putting on her, even though I havenīt told her these. Itīs one of the things that make me feel very guilty

Bingo. Exactly what that exercise is supposed to help with. So now you know the root of why you feel insecure. You need to figure out how you fit, why you fit, and why she is in a relationship with you. That will go a long way to giving you confidence in the relationship...
Iīm really excited about thinking this through and trying to understand these things...

Confidence will keep building on itself. Accept the fact that these things happen and you have to learn to deal with them. Don't beat yourself up for feeling this way.
I loved these. Thank you so mucgh

Now I know I sound all calm and collected about this. But it happens to me too. I can go months feeling great and then have a downturn of insecurity.
Well, I canīt go months feeling great, but I have my ups and downs too. yesterday, I felt so insecur and scared. I was finally able to forget everything, and go on with my life. It was a much better day than I expected, and I feel so proud! I feel so strong! I really feel if things tirn out badly, Iīll feel very sad, but I wonīt feel completely lost. Iīm actually very happy about that. Letīs see how thing go later today
Thank you so much for your help


I really want to thank everyone that has helped me through this. Iīm going to see her today and talk to her. I feel so much stronger. I donīt feel so alone and everything you have told me has helped me a lot. Thank you so much
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