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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I have said all of this before, maybe I wasn't clear enough, I hope this clears up any confusion. I am ending it here.
Everything was abundantly clear in your pm to me several months ago. It remains clear - a choice was made before the relationship between them ended and I was left floundering.

None of it was your fault, your responsibility and I'm not going to go into any of it. I still have parts of that affecting me. You DON'T know what happened on my side, Pengrah doesn't and NEITHER of you gave any thought to what was really happening.

The drama wasn't only coming from me. Even now - I am not the one stirring shit here. Truth is - you only saw it from her side - and that's the only side you ever wanted to see it from. It didn't matter how she hurt me or what she did - because you had decided it wasn't going to work out LONG before it ended.

I made a decision to keep silent a long time ago and it did serious damage. I'm not going to keep silent any further.
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