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First, I would like to say I wish you the best moving forward, and I am sorry to hear about your loss.

I hope this post clears up the series of events that seem to have left you hanging.

There was a lot of drama surrounding the overall relationship. Throughout the entire time I did try to remain friends. However we have a significant number of life differences/experiences. This alone would have caused us to drift apart.

After the cord was cut with Pengrah, regardless of how it was done (and no I don't want to debate it), I took my time to help Pengrah heal and in all honesty our "new" friendship had to end. Between us not having common ground and your husband being my wifes ex, there was no way to maintain a friendship without the anger, hurt and drama continuing.

There was a lot of drama in all of this, drama I try to minimize in my life. Friends, lovers or otherwise. It is not something I freely welcome into my home in abundance.

I would never stop someone from posting or writing about their relationships or problems. Please, if you need to do that here, go ahead. I would have left you to your own posts if you had chosen to do so, this is not my forum, I am simply a member who is active. The same goes for fetlife.

I have said all of this before, maybe I wasn't clear enough, I hope this clears up any confusion. I am ending it here.

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