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I agree as well.

Taking space hasn't ever been a threat for me. It's simply not been an opportunity due to the percieved threat to others.

I'll leave my response at that.

In update news;

I asked Maca to consider an agreement between us for however long we are working through this.
I was clear that I need SOME sort of agreement-and I wrote out what I thought needed to be included in it-and asked him to let me know what he felt needed to be included as well.

We're supposed to finalize it on Saturday.

Two of the key things I asked for are

We don't discuss our relationship problems except for one day a week for a maximum of two hours, unless in a counseling appointment.

We don't discuss my relationship with Chris outside of counseling.

There's no way to tell so soon how well that will work. But, hopefully it will allow for a little breathing room for both of us.
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