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Beginning to look forward to the summer. Although it is also beginning to overwhelm me. I think it will be more clear when my show is over next week. Then I am making firm plans to get started on camping trips. We are hosting two trips and going to two. That should be enough I think as there is always a shit load of stuff to do just around here! We are actually leaving the island this summer though and the country I know. Crazy.

I am thinking about putting our camper van on the road this summer. Its a big hard top GMC circa 1976. I love my van, but the gas will be a killer. Leo has agreed to look her over as he is now officially done work for a month at the very least. Who are we kidding, likely, at that job, forever. Still, he will see if she is running smoothly and safely for us and then I will make some events for picnics, beach days, and camping. Weeeee... can't wait.

I really don't have anything to say about poly these days. I don't know if I should carry on writing this blog either really. I can't seem to find anything interesting to talk about other than we are all humming along and doing fine. We seemed to of reached a plateau whereby everyone is doing their thing, being together, seeing each other when we can, making plans, and having fun. It's been a breeze lately. I hope that doesn't mean its a calm before a storm. It is unlikely it will always be this way... things never are smooth forever, but for now I'm enjoying it and smiling.
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