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Originally Posted by ladyintricate View Post
My husband and I are extremely close and love eachother very much. We have been married now for 12 years and have 2 kids. Recently he came to the conclusion that he is poly and has been all of his life, but hiding it from me and himself because he felt it was wrong. He told me this and that he wants to try and explore this about himself.
I can identify with your husband, because that's exactly where I am, too (except, I'm still in the "terrified to tell her" stage, though that is easing a bit). I love my wife and have never strayed, and have hated myself for a long time for the feelings I get for other women. After all, how could I, when my wife is so very, very good to me and loves me so much?

I don't have anything to offer, except perhaps some perspective on what it's like to be a man who feels this way, and who has wanted to do the right thing, but bears the societal stigma of "of course he wants to have his cake and eat it too."
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