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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Originally Posted by Rachelina
Tonberry, I'm curious and alarmed by what you said about people worrying their children could get taken away. Has this happened? This isn't illegal, is it? Could a well-cared for child really be taken away from its two loving parents just because there was a third person involved?
Sadly, it has happened. Seems to be along the lines of "the parents are obviously irresponsible and can't take care of a child" or "it's traumatizing for children to witness such depravity" and things like that.
I don't know how often it has happened or how high the risk is, but I know it has played a part in a lot of people having children or not, or being open or not.
Not only sexual matters. And sometimes it really depends not just on the local laws but on who is your Child Welfare officer. I know of a family in Ireland who were accused of burning their child with lit cigarettes. He was taken into care. The parents went to court and argued that those weren't old cigarette burns: they were chilblains! (Remember that this is in cold, wet Ireland.) The child backed up their version and obviously wanted to return home. If they were bad parents - the kind to put out lit cigarettes on their son - why did the State allow them to maintain custody of their other children???

It would have meant "losing face" for the officer to admit that she had made a mistake. And - apparently - for the State to admit that it had put its trust in someone who made such mistakes. So - to save face!!! - a child was kept in care FOR YEARS... until that Child Welfare officer retired, and the boy was allowed by her successor to return to his family.

Of course it helped to complicate the matter that the family were working class, alternative life-style, political activists...

The bottom line is: the State can do any thing they bloody well want. If that is going to stop you from living the life you choose to live, that's one way they win (by default). Sheeple...

Just be aware... and be careful.
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