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Default Hi all

I have been reading for a while and this seemed like a lovely forum so I joined.

I am a woman, 23 years old and I am quite new to poly. Theoretically, I have been open to the idea of loving more than one person but I don't really identify as poly (but definitely not as mono either).

I have been in a relationship with my husband for 7 years, of which married for 3. For most of that time we've had an open marriage. Recently I met a lovely girl and we liked each other very much, so now I have a girlfriend as well. Very happy about that. We live in different countries in Europe (although we are from the same country), and that will be the case for at least for the rest of the year and maybe for several years. She has a husband as well. All the parties have been extremely cool with the whole situation and no jealousy thus far. We'll have to see what future holds for us but at the moment it looks good.

Looking forward to discussing with you all more at the boards!
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