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Default What if your partner doesn't know you have a secondary relationship? Is it cheating

Hi, I am new to the forum and would like to know what you think about my situation. I am a gay male and have been in a semi-open relationship for 6 years. We have been very very happy and I honestly think he is the love of my life. I am way more open minded and adventurous than my partner.
I met someone else last year who I had this crazy physical connection with. At first, it was just sex, but he insisted for months we should hang out. I finally met his boyfriend and a couple of his friends. He is not in a open relationship because his boyfriend of 8 years can't handle it.
This new guy and I have grown very close; besides the mind-blowing sex, we perform a lot of physical activities together our boyfriends have zero interest in. We are both in great shape; our partners are not, so we complement each other well. We are also becoming really good friends and talk about personal stuff.
Anyways, I thought this was a fling at first, but I am developing true feelings for this secondary person. I think I would like to have a secondary relationship with him, but I am positive neither his partner or mine would approve.
I wouldn't like to end my primary relationship because I get tons of fulfillment and joy from it. He is in the same situation... Is this just plain cheating? Or can you have a 'closeted' polyamorous relationship?
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