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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Or they could be over joyed and both embrace you. You just won't know until you do it. If nothing else you will likely feel much better about being open and the result sounds very promising to me.
I hope your right! I hope we get to talk all these fears together.
Tomorrow is their anniversary.I feel so strange. I feel jealous and I donīt know why I feel that, if I really want them to have a nice relationship.
We agreed we wonīt call or text or have any form of contact tomorrow. I feel angry and jealous, but I donīt know why.
I also feel so insecure! What if they decide they donīt need me?
When she discovered what he had been doing with me, she confronted him. Since then, they havenīt had sex together. She has had sex with me, and he has kissed me (nothing more). Iīm so scared they will have sex tomorrow, realize their "mistake" and stop loving me! I have talked these fears with her. I have told her how I feel . She assures me that wonīt happen, she assures me she wonīt stop loving me and she assures me she isnīt with me as a substitute of being with him. But I still feel very insecure. Why? Why do I feel this? how can I believe what she tells me?
I would just want for tomorrow to not exist. Itīs so painful. I wish I could just sleep all day and wake up on thursday
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