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well, it's deffinatly not out of fear or jealousy. Now, we date when we can. And we are "out". So any potential "dates" know that we are married. We don't participate in the local poly meetings right now. Why? Because we really don't feel like...for lack of a better word...hippies. :/ Kinda a broad generalization I know. But, MOST of the people who attend these meetings in this area, are modern hippies. Right down to the tye dye shirts, and lack of a bra and no make up. LOL MOST of them are like this. Not all. It's just not our crowd. So we are stuck with dating "regular" people. LOL But we educate these "regular" people on the dynamics of our relationship BEFORE any date. This helps to eliminate any issues. Also, coming from a "swinging" community, we have a lot of friends who are swingers. Most of them think we are crazy, but never question it. They say that it seems to work for us, even if it wouldn't for them. LOL
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