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Originally Posted by Rachelina View Post
Wow....I had no idea that could happen. I did look up my state's Child Protection Act and didn't see anything that would apply to polyamory. As far as I can tell, the state only gets involved in cases of abuse or neglect, but I'll read it more thoroughly later. There was a section called "Household Members" but it was repealed in 1994; I'm curious what it said.

Loving Radiance, it's so good to hear we're not the only ones attempting this kind of arrangement. Maybe I'll have questions for you as things develop further. Thanks everyone!
The things is, like others have said, it doesn't have to include household members for it to still be a reason to remove the children. You need one person who feels what you are doing is unsafe to the kids in anyway, they need one person at child Welfare to listen to them. One person that agrees with the complaint and your kids are gone, then it's up to a judge.

Which is why it all depends on where you are and the type of people you associate with.

Also keep in mind that some states will atuomaticaly give paternity to the spouse and to contest that you have to go to court. Doesn't matter what you put on the Birth Certificate, in some states, simply being married constitues paternity. So if a male partner other than a husband were to be the father and want legal guardianship, a paternity test and a judge would have to happen.

When I did my Child Welfare training we were taught to really look at the situation and the child. To acknowledge that different cultures/family styles exist and are not neccesarily damaging. Doesn't mean that everyone will see it that way though.
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