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I did say I would do a follow up.
I took the married guy back into my life in February. We lasted 2 months then split for good. Jealousy ripped us apart. It was a case of perfectly fine for him to be married and swan off to see Escorts in England but not ok for me to see some female friends.
Ive made some really good mates since then and have expanded on those i have. I had my first spiritual loving connection with a close female friend and her partner. Its kind of evolving into a hinge - her BF being the hinge. I feel great. Im on top of the world. I am living life to the full. My new glow, twinkle in the eye and bounce in my step seem to be attracting attention from outwith the poly situationship. I cant quite call it a relationship as its all still very new at the moment.
Life is good and I am feeling great just glad the married guy has ditched me.
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