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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Now, is there a way to increase your "output"?

One little thing I did (still do) that is sneaky-but works is parking.

Whenever I go somewhere, I park at the back end of the lot. I tell myself that I'm healthier than so many people who can't get parking spots near the door so I'm doing a kindness to others.
But-the kindness to myself is that it increases my walking out put.
YEP - I need to get my ass up off the couch and go for my walks at night. Lately I have been finding every excuse in the book not to go, sleep, sew, knit, book report... I've let it go so long, that the shooting pain in my leg is back when I go out for more than 10-15 mins. Just means I need to do the 10-15 minutes and then lift weights when I get home. After about a month, I should be able to increase it. Promise to have a better progress to report by the end of the week.

Parking: At work I'm forced to park a good ways away, because it is the only spots available when I get in.
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