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Originally Posted by Rachelina View Post
Loving Radiance, it's so good to hear we're not the only ones attempting this kind of arrangement. Maybe I'll have questions for you as things develop further. Thanks everyone!
You're more than welcome to ask me anything. All of my kids have had odd parenting arrangements.
My sister and I raised the oldest alone for the first 6 years. When I married Maca, he became a third parent to her and my sister and I became additional parents to my stepson who was 2.
The youngest boy has had 4 parents in the household his whole life. He's 11. He's been raised with his dad, myself, my sister and my boyfriend as his parents.

Then, the baby, she's the bio-child of boyfriend and I, from home done "in vitro" process. (no sex).

All of them have called me mom, Maca dad, and GG by his given name+"ey", they call Mimi "auntie". But, the way they relate to all of us is as parents.

From a parenting standpoint we're definitely a quad.

It's been a GODSEND at times.
One thing we have managed to do very well is parenting the kids together.

(ages 19, 15, 11, soon to be 4)
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