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Originally Posted by ray View Post
And the more I've been exploring my interests and allowing myself to be what I want to be, I'm starting to find myself a lot more like-able.

So, my social life has positively exploded since this weekend. I have a sushi date on Saturday, coffee on friday and negotiations to do some wax play at some point in the near future. I feel like men are knocking down my door to hang out with me/play with me (BDSM sense). I'm so not used to this.
Aha, the feeling of 'where are all these people coming from? I never used to be a popular girl' can be somewhat overwhelming. And I think it's a good sign of you finally starting to heal from your relationship with O.

Why is primary terrifying?

Power hugs to prepare you for your encounter with him coming your way! Rant all you need before, during and after. Is there a safe person you could take with you to face him?
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