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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
He He I do drink between 40-80oz most days. I can get til about noon without having to go (2 cups of coffee and at least 20oz water), then it all hits and I'm down the hall about every 45 mins the rest of the day.
Yep! That's awesome though Sneac! That's one GREAT step in the right direction.

Now, is there a way to increase your "output"?

One little thing I did (still do) that is sneaky-but works is parking.

Whenever I go somewhere, I park at the back end of the lot. I tell myself that I'm healthier than so many people who can't get parking spots near the door so I'm doing a kindness to others.
But-the kindness to myself is that it increases my walking out put.
When it's cold as hell outside-it REALLY increases it-cause I run in to get away from the frozen cold. But that doesn't work the same way in a warm place.

I think it's SO DAMN AWESOME that there is a weight loss support thread on here now. It's way cool to see people sharing the support needs of their real lives-not JUST poly details. It's awesome that we're able to talk about and share on a poly-board where we are more accepted, but it's also cool to not be known JUST for being poly on the board, but as whole people with real life struggles.
"Love As Thou Wilt"

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