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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Diet soda is actually worse for you than regular soda. The Aspartame (sp?) that is used in it-can cause weight gain. Bad deal.
Not to mention the amount of sodium, it will make you retain water. Easiest fix for that - drink more water I'm down to 2-3 a week. I never order a large soda anymore, always a small now and I bring my own water everywhere.

I drank a minimum of 40 0z of water a day.
But, aim for 60.

(talk about peeing a lot!)
He He I do drink between 40-80oz most days. I can get til about noon without having to go (2 cups of coffee and at least 20oz water), then it all hits and I'm down the hall about every 45 mins the rest of the day.
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