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A few posts up, you said something that sparked my interest. Wondering if polyamory was a way to get around loneliness. I've wondered the same thing. And also if it relates to my feelings regarding how I missed out w/ family growing up and wanting to make up for lost time.

The rules are hard. And when there's a ceiling. Like, only get this attached. If you can't handle the places a relationship could likely go, then maybe you shouldn't open the door in the first place. It's like people want to experiment but they don't think about the poor souls that they use who have real feelings and end up getting crushed. Or when a spouse isn't okay with something but has no intention of trying to work through the issues so it just becomes a standstill, rather than a slow place.

Ah, the pitfalls of being a Unicorn. I guess, technically, I wasn't a unicorn since I wasn't involved with A but I feel like I want to avoid the married folk for a good long time.
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