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Ah, LR you and Maca must both be so exhausted. Sounds like there was quite a bit of boundary breaking on both side of the relationship over the years.
Yes and Yes.

Recently I read in the Personal Summaries thread that your youngest child is GG's by artificial insemination. I am amazed Maca would agree to you carrying GG's child, and raising her (?) co-operatively, yet still be so resentful of GG all along.
He flip flops. He decides on something, then fear of all of the "what if's" hits and he panicks, runs the other direction. This occurs in every aspect of his life except his career. It happens roughly every 2-4 weeks. I've logged it on a calendar because it's so predictable.

You sound like you need a break from all the fruitless arguing and pissiness. I see no point in anyone moving out of your house right now...
That's exactly what I keep saying. I just need the pointless battle/drama to stop. I feel like I'm talkign to a wall. When I say that-he says I just don't give a shit about him. I can't care about him or anyone else if I can't even THINK STRAIGHT through the back and forth of the drama.

poor GG, it seems like he's getting lost in the shuffle. What about his need for security?
I brought that up as well and was told that all I care about is GG and he's OBVIOUSLY more important to me because I was saying that his feelings and needs deserved to be considered EQUALLY to ours. I also said the same of Mimi-who lives here as well. But, the truth is that they do both get lost in the shuffle because everything revolves around trying to keep Maca from flipping out or feeling unwanted, unloved, unimportant, unmeaningful etc.

Could you and Maca just not talk to or see each other (besides dropping kids off) for like a month or so? Just take a break and let the dust settle... It seems the more you try and talk to him and make plans, the worse things get.
In theory-yes. But, he can't handle it.
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