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Thanks for the response. Yes, I can see where this is a problem, watching the dating process is rough. I am a voyer and love to watch sex, however something happened with her that has never happened with others, he touched her like he does me, and it freaked me out. This was after our first date all together, so I wasn't expecting it.

I have had one outing with her alone, and we both really enjoyed it. However I am realizing that I am experiencing a lot of fear at the idea of him going off without me. Has anyone else been here before? This would be our very first ever real life poly situation, I am a total newb. Am I more afraid of the fear of the unknown or is it a warning. When do you realize that this is or isnt for you? Like I said in my introduction. I get this intellectually, but the emotional stuff is way more powerful, lol.
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