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Originally Posted by Magdalena View Post
Sooo, I am wondering if I should pursue this relationship as separate (me friends/husband dating) or should I just break it off totally, or should we all just stop and be friends. My husband has made it clear that he will only go as far as I can handle it, and will not jeopardize our love.

So far we have done everything together, dating, sex, sleeping.
Hullo and don't worry, our excellent mods will move you promptly!

I'd say yes, pursue individual relationships. Build a strong foundation with both. Don't forget the dating/sex/sleeping with your husband, either! Enjoy the NRE that spills into your established relationship with hubby.

Threesomes (dates, sex, cuddles) in my experience can be real fun in moderation, but connections for me deepen during one-on-one time. Spending all the time together the three of you can also be an excellent recipe for incontrollable jealousy.
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