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I am in a strange place right now and not sure how or if I should move forward, backward or what. I am new here and have posted my intro to our situation.

We have been seeing this girl for about a month, only on weekends, weekends without kids she has spent the night and we have gone out together. I think she would like to stay the entire weekend, but I am not ready for that, really not sure if I a fully ready for what we are currently doing, however I feel the need to explore this situation.

This is the first time we have been in a situation where we both really like the girl (me only for friendship) and she is also very available. She has been in a triad before when she was in her 20's (she is now in her 30's), but apparently it ended very badly.

Now here is my predicament. I am really stretching myself here emotional and at moments I want to cut her out completely, not because of anything either of them are doing wrong, they are being amazingly sweet and considerate, its almost as if they have been together for years and I am just now in the know about it. On one hand her and I have this amazing connection as well, its is a very, very strange thing, we are very similar, almost like she could be a long lost sister. But to watch my husband, lover, touch her in ways he touches me, is a hugely difficult.

Sooo, I am wondering if I should pursue this relationship as separate (me friends/husband dating) or should I just break it off totally, or should we all just stop and be friends. My husband has made it clear that he will only go as far as I can handle it, and will not jeopardize our love.

So far we have done everything together, dating, sex, sleeping. Uhhg so confused on how to continue, but I think this week I need to make some decisions before I talk with her about it.
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