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Hey KatTails,

We have the Wii Fit, but that gets rather boring. I was great at hula-hoop, but got sick of it quickly, even though it gets a good sweat going.

We also have the Michael Jackson experience, which is fairly good at getting the heart-rate going, but a bit of a disappointment, if you were ever trained in dance. It incorporates only the wii remote, no footwork. Though the rest of my family really loves it.

We just got a new one called ' Dance-Dance Revolution' #3.

This one seems more my style. You start out with very basic footsteps, take lessons, upgrade difficulty, and incorporate the wii remote and nunchuck eventually.

Worked horses yesterday, and did do a unscheduled run with a horse at my side last night. I am staying on target for varied forms of sweating. It feels good to physically be healed enough to handle physical activity.

I am not worrying to much about my diet right now, except to eat more, like the doctor suggested. So I never skip breakfast, even if I eat late.

I have never been a pop-drinker, twinkie muncher, so all that is easy. I dont even drink fruit juice very often.

I do need to cut back on my gluten eventually, but we`ll wait for warmer weather. I`m long versed in what works for my body, I just havent applied it, because I get sick to death of thinking about every little thing.

Hopefully my metabolism didnt give up on me, and I can work up appetites again.
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