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What do you mean by mixed orientation relationships? I have considered that option from time to time but I go through periods where I am very clearly bi, and other times when I think maybe I don't care for guys. I've always longed for the security I feel with a man and the sensuality I feel with a woman. Now I have both in one girl and it makes me shy away from the idea of men all together (sexually.) My bf has expressed fears about this exact idea, of me losing my attraction to him and interest in men in general. It's a valid fear but I'm too afraid to let go of him and admit or accept anything like that. I don't think it's what I want; I love him.

Idk if it would be a good idea for us to all move in either. I think he might get jealous, and I might feel awkward... Mostly because her and I are so affectionate (not in your face physically, but just do cute things together and always joking around and having fun) and also well, as I said earlier, we have sex much much much more than bf and I. How do you have a normal sex life with each partner with the other living in the same house?

I also would like them to be closer and more comfortable around each other before we even think of living together. They get along but both seem a bit reserved when just hanging out us 3.
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