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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
I'd be curious, if TL or LT pop into this thread, is it really a date date? I mean, is there the "usual" first date stuff, like a bit of flirting, that sort of deal? Or is the atmosphere closer to that of three people meeting?
Yes it is a real date! Everyone involved is aware that it is a date. Yes there is a lot of flirting!!!! We find it hot to see our spouse flirt and be flirted on. We have never had an issue with the other person we are meeting. We have been told every time they are happy we wanted to be together for the first date, it takes the pressure of wondering if the person(ie one of us) is cheating. And sometimes the other person involved asks to see us BOTH again and we usually go from there.
I am sure T will get on here later and explain it in more details. I am not as good as he is in explaining and I need to get to school.
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