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Originally Posted by Hannahfluke View Post
I don't know that it's even a poly/mono thing, I think it is totally person specific. For instance, my husband and I are both poly. My husband is a voyeur and is way more comfortable hearing information about my physical relationships with other people then I am of hearing about his physical relationships with other people. In terms of hearing about relationship information, even inside jokes, etc., both of us have about the same tolerance. But our point of TMI for physical information is way different.
Good point. It is definitely a "feel your way" kind of thing; which sucks for me because I am a COA (course of action) kind of person. BTW I am definitely much more a voyuer, but have a really hard time sharing my personal stuff. 2Rings is really the only person that knows all of my "stuff" because he was so into listening and helping me work through some things- I have mighty struggles with trust. So that is why I have no idea what is TMI- I think everything is TMI but at the same time really like to hear/watch both the sexual and personal stuff of others. Is it duplicity? Is it empathy? Is it some kind of courtship disorder? No idea. But I can say this blogging thing is soooo out of my comfort zone. I can't believe I am doing it. It is addicting and freeing to a point. Thank God it is somewhat anonymous. I am a walking contradiction, this I know!
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