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Thanks for your replies. I think finding a way to reconnect sexually would help wonders. He may be a bit jealous and feeling left out but he also tells me often how much he wants me to have this relationship with my girlfriend and how important it is for him to see me having what I need. He does (admittedly) feel the need to have some control over the situation and the need to be the #1 person in my life. I understand that insecurity but also know if I truly want something and feel it's right I won't let anyone stop me. I do, however, respect him and our relationship (as does my gf.) I love him and don't want to lose him and am thinking, hoping, this is just a bump in the road. That's how he views it. He says all the hard times him and I have had the past few months are just growing pains. So he is trying to be understanding and as am I.

Having some other opinions/perspectives helps, thank you!
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