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Sorry guys. Not much time to respond right this moment. But rest assured, I will tomorrow as time permits.

Please, line up your questions so that I can address them individually.

RP, you mentioned that you felt it was a bit "controlling". It may be to a point. However, my wife and I both do that to each other. It is something we have done for 20 years, so it works for us. It doesn't work for everyone. HOWEVER, LT has full range to do as she pleases. So, if she wants to go on a date with some bloke, and half way through the date, pulls me asside, and say "I feel really good about this guy. Can we have a bit of alone time so I can go shag his brains out?" That's perfectly fine too. I'm fine with it, and I'll hand her a cl condoms, and say "Have a great time baby. See you when you get home. Any idea which hotel you're going to?".

Does it work the other way around? No, not really. I am still a bit uncomfortable meeting women, or even asking them out. LOL Plus, LT would definatly NOT be ok wiht me meeting some woman, then taking her out to a hotel and shagging her rotten. LOL BUT, for US, it works. Not for eveyone. LT gets into being restrained. The sheer THOUGHT of it, turns my stomach and scares the hell out of me. I keep hoping she finds someone she feels comfortable enough to allow to do that to her, as I don't do it enough, or adequatly IMO. (she tells me it's fine, and I do it fine, but I have my doubts LOL) Anyway, give me the questions.
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