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I agree, it's not different.

That's sort of my point.

He takes everything personal-but he doesn't accept that other people can be hurt by what he says too.

It's ok for him to say that it's all my fault or all GGs fault that our relationship is falling apart, because "it's true".
But-if I say that his words hurt me, then I'm being unfair.

The truth is that YES I did hurt him. YES I was wrong. YES I did fuck up. YES I did lie.

But-so did he.

If he wants to hold on to the grudge-that's his right, but it's not fair to say I should forgive him and let go of what he's done to me; but he gets to keep the grudge for what I've done to him.

Likewise-it's not ok to get pissed at me for talkign on here if he's doing the same thing elsewhere.

I don't really care who he talks to or what he says about me.


I do care that his "rules" for the relationship go both ways-i.e. he's responsible to live with them as well as me being responsible to live with them. I'm tired of the double standard.
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