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Originally Posted by sage View Post
How did you manage to lose so much weight LR? Give us the lowdown on your slimdown, please.
It really is simple.

It is NOT easy-but it is simple...

1. I gave up all soda and fastfood. No matter what.

2. I forced myself to drink the water every day (it SUCKED ASS).

3. After 30 days of doing the water I added walking-every day. At first I just went to the end of the block & back. Then kept increasing my distance. I gave myself "deadlines" such as needing to be somewhere by a specific time that was 2 miles away-only leaving with 30 minutes to get there. That forced me to walk at a 15 minute mile in order to get there. I'd push myself to try to "beat my time". I increased my distance to 10 miles after a year and a half. I lowered my time to roughly 12 minutes per mile in the same time frame.

4. I gave up dairy for 1 year. (THAT is a BITCH by the way-but it's AMAZING how much that one single thing helped. I lost the most weight by doing that).

5. I added small weight lifting (5-8lbs) for arms, because it builds muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, but it burns more calories too.
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